From creche to careers, The History Troupe and Partners have devised, developed and delivered a range of talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions that engage with the community, bolster and enrich the core curriculum adding capacity and resources to Colleges, Schools and Communities. 

All our work is rooted in local needs and what we can do for you starts with a conversation about your specific context. Where we can dovetail with national or sponsored support – we will; where we have to seek out support for a specific project we are open to partnership.

Education Content

Our work is rinsed through with stories of the roots, heritage and futures across of the communities we work with. From the Rust Belt of the USA to the North of England; India’s teeming cities and rural landscapes to Latin America’s challenging and stimulating urban vistas – we will devise work that makes sense.

We work with…

Colleges: VI Forms. Widening Access to life-long learning opportunities will always be the core of our Vision and Mission as an organization. Widening participation in universities, colleges and apprenticeship schemes across the country is our own litmus test for success.

Hinterland. We have seen how valuable it is to work with critical thinking and cross cutting themes as early as possible. This can give an insight into career pathways, course selection and potential for teachers and students alike. The History Troupe works with Schools to deliver Hinterland workshops lasting two hours for a year group split into smaller groups. Ideal for the transition from GCSE to A Level and BTEC courses.

Tracking Experience. In partnership with Oxford University Careers Service we have developed the Oxford University Litmus Survey for use in colleges and schools. This survey explores student awareness of and interest in a range of career pathways. This is part of a profiling framework that will help shape future content and assist with more support on employability attributes and career pathways. This is being piloted in the Humber Region.

2050NOW: Employability and Career Pathways. Some students aim for University and others wish to explore other routes to reaching their potential. Working with industry leaders and a number of young people on their career journeys, we have devised a range of workshops to imagine future career opportunities and enable the students to map their best way forward. They say that 40 per cent of jobs today will be automated and that over 65 per cent of the jobs of the future have yet to be invented. These Employability Seminars have never been more needed. The jobs of today are not going to be valid examples for the jobs of the future. Discuss.

Community Engagement Initiatives. Instead of Inspirational Events, The History Troupe favours initiatives that build over the academic year and, in some cases, over the long summer vacation. We have worked with one school to use photographs drawn from the archives to make students aware of their roots, heritage and futures; generate a sense of place and trigger their own perceptions as valid. Elsewhere, we have built a creative journey around the theme of Doorways and we are keen to draw inspiration from your local context to shape a project relevant to the students and the wider community. 

Tailor made journeys. Imagine a trip to Cracow to sample a Central European intellectual hub; a walk in the Tartar Mountains, to see how nature shapes our vistas; a visit to Auschwitz to see what man is capable of; a visit to a coal mine to trigger a debate on coal and employment versus sustainability and a need for livelihoods. And then, continue the debate back home in a series of tough talking workshops. These life experiences can be part of your Hinterland experience.   

Schools: 11-16. The History Troupe has devised a range of workshops to support the core curriculum across History; Geography; English; Languages and the Performing Arts and Music.

Primary Schools. Whatever we do with older students, our focus over time will start ever more with the early years. Maybe the Jesuit who spoke of being given the child of seven to mould the man had it right. In one of our plays, a midwife in a mining town has a view on every child she delivers. We have worked with the Children’s University in Hull and many primary schools on a range of topics.

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