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Le Corbusier, the celebrated architect wrote a book on urban planning in which he highlights that cities were designed by the zigzag of donkeys – haphazard rather than to plan. These days jobs for life are a thing of the past and many of us will switch industrial sectors and careers more than 5 times in our working lives. The zigzag of careers demands more than qualifications; we need self-confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, resilience and creativity – all vital attributes enabling us to adapt to the disruption facing so many industrial sectors. Rob Bell, Founder of The History Troupe, is a Fellow at Durham University Business School, a Reader at Aberdeen Business School and has worked in multiple industries across over 30 countries. This experience has helped us devise leading edge content highly relevant to student course selection and career pathways.

National Careers Week 2019, A Talk by Rob Bell of The History Troupe

The World of Work

Working with industry leaders and young people on their career journeys, The History Troupe have devised a range of workshops to imagine future career opportunities and enable the students to map their best way forward. With 40 per cent of jobs today to be automated and over 65 per cent of the jobs of the future yet to be invented, these workshops allow students to explore their potential and understand the importance of planning, execution and review.

1. SIMS Session

Built around the use of the simulators. This will be engaging and give them an idea of what it must be like to work a crane on the docks – helpful for when they visit.

2. The Box

This is a film of working life on the docks at one level; at another it is all about what now would be the threat of automation. A terrific Q&A.

3. Dock Visit

Having had Sessions 1 and 2, the cohort will have a very different perspective as they are taken round the docks. The team includes a retired docker and current ABP employees.


Summer Studio

A Hands-on, fun-filled, creative summer experience to support student transition at Key Stage 4 and tackle the drop off in attainment after the summer holidays.

Designed to support resilience, creative thinking and independence.

  • Team Building & Creative Team Challenges.

  • Music Masterclasses.

  • Digital Zoo. Using Raspberry Pi digital technology; simulation and simulators to offer direct insight into the emerging world of work.

  • steAm in Action. Linking poetry, plays, history, geography and science.

Summer Studio 2018

Summer Studio 2018

Summer Studio 2018

Summer Studio 2018

Summer Studio Highlights