Educare is the Latin root of the word for Education. It means “to bring out”. This is what we aim to do: bring out the best in students, communities and firms. All our content, talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances build on local context, explore a sense of place and purpose, to trigger and nurture what makes us all tick. Here’s how…

In schools, colleges and across the community our work:

  • Puts the Arts in steAm; Making sure that a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) benefits from clear employability attributes: self-confidence; critical thinking; problem solving; independent learning skills; digital literacy, teamwork and resilience.

  • Delivers a Hinterland of experience; Beyond a students core subjects from Key Stage 3 through to Key Stage 5 and, an option into Year 1 at University for those students who need support in that transition. Again, we emphasise employability attributes woven into a series of modules designed to equip students for life long learning and how best to access and enjoy a fuller life to reach your potential.

  • Offers a range of talks, performances, exhibitions and partnerships to engage across the community; We move from page to stage in many ways and our publications offer is growing and the pipeline promises some big events to come. For example Sir Andrew Motion has written the foreword to the soon to launch anthology - Hull City of Poets.

  • Impact is measured in terms of known curriculum indicators; OfS requirements; value for money; audience engagement surveys and a range of dialogue across our work which seeks to ensure that we respond to real needs and maximise engagement across the community.

The History Troupe has expanded significantly in the past year. Over 7,500 students have been in our workshops in schools; 5,500 people have visited our Exhibitions on various themes and, with performances and exhibitions added, over 19,500 people have seen or visited something devised and delivered by The History Troupe. Over 2,000 students (and counting) have experienced WW1 through the amazing trench and triage model and workshop.

Our social media platform is building momentum with thousands of hits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our emerging blog content. Over 15,500 people watched a video of our street play The Mystery of Ravenser Odd.

The History Troupe continues to grow…