A range of community initiatives devise and deliver content in exhibitions, talks and performances engaging the community to reflect and share stories from their past and present. This has enabled the community to comment on how our past effects today and the futures of our future generations. Marc Cooper, Head Teacher of The Marvell College, sums up: “The History Troupe’s emphasis on roots, heritage and futures echoes what the Maoris call Whānau', It is through the whānau that values, histories and traditions from the ancestors are adapted for the contemporary world”.


Spanish Civil War

“Here lies half of Spain…” wrote Jose De Larra in 1936 “…it died of the other half” - as it was a century later. Alfonso XIII abdicated in 1931; a Republic was established and then from 1936-39 the International Brigade and others from the Popular Front, POUM and the CNT fought to defend the Spanish Republic against the Nationalist forces of General Francisco Franco.

Hull had some part in supplying the war effort; as a home for children from the battle zone and, as a life changing cause for nine men and a woman from Hull fighting on the Republican side.

This Hull and the Spanish Civil at Exhibition at Hull History Centre features the core story from the Hull International Brigade Memorial group; images from Hull College students inspired by the conflict; talks and performances on a range of related topics from The History Troupe, Gary Hammond and Manuel Moreno.

Hull and the Spanish Civil War HHC digital poster.jpg