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Hinterland Elective Seminars

Modern Foreign Languages

On either side of the Brexit debate trade is seen as the way to generate a sustainable future. Languages play a significant role is all deals with meaning and perception as crucial to common understanding. And yet the study of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in schools is in free fall.

The History Troupe is working from primary to 11-16 to 6th form and across the community to build back the relevance of language learning to a balanced education. MFL is a vital building block for employability attributes: self-confidence, critical thinking, problem solving & teamwork. Above all learning a language is all about how you respond when you make a mistake and that means resilience.

The History Troupe is working with a growing number of 6th form colleges and schools; universities and firms to establish and grow:

- An Evening in the Country Of [place]. An evening of readings, song and street food.

- Workshops on language.

- CPD on language teaching.

- Heritage languages. Many students speak other than English in the home. There is huge scope to leverage this cultural asset as a means to grow MFL capacity beyond French, German (and maybe Spanish).

Friendship to all nations - as long as they speak English

Sir Robert Taylor Society Conference, Oxford University

Ben Homewood