The History Troupe

Hinterland Elective Seminars

Summer Summit

The Summer Summit offers selected students a varied full day itinerary of inspirational talks, a carousel of seminars and exhibitions – all delivered in a University style. Students will be pre-assigned to a group made up of students from different Schools and Colleges. The spirit of ALL Hinterland sessions is to promote the widest interests among students, and this means challenging a separation of students into two rival camps of the STEM versus the Arts.

The focus in all sessions will be:

steAm. Putting the arts in STEM. This will encourage a more rounded profile beyond core subjects.

Encouraging debate. Challenging students to work with others as a valuable attribute enhancing their individual profile.

A focus on University assumptions: (1). Intellectual curiosity (2). Independent learning and (3). Openness to fresh ideas.

A focus on Employability attributes: Self-confidence; critical thinking; problem solving; creativity; teamwork and resilience.

To simulate the social mix that students can expect from their first weeks at the University of their choice.

Ben Homewood